Welcome to Colorado QB!

We are a Colorado-specific quizbowl resource center and organizational body working to support the state's growing pyramidal quiz bowl circuit. Our network of college and high school quiz bowl players, alumni, and coaches work together to expand the game and send competing teams to tournaments nationwide.

This site contains information for quiz bowl players and coaches. If you're new to quiz bowl, you may be curious about what it is, how it's played, and how to start a team at your school.

If you're a current quiz bowl player, check out our schedule of upcoming Colorado tournaments and our list of quiz bowl resources.

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CU Boulder Trivia Buffs

We work in partnership with CU Boulder's own quiz bowl team: the Trivia Buffs! Here you can find details regarding our current team, practice schedule, upcoming tournaments, and general information about the club itself.

We're always happy to welcome new members! Contact us if interested.